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  • Accepted 

    • Brown, J. D. (2014). Linear models in matrix form: A hands-on approach for the behavior sciences. New York: Springer. Publisher's description
  • Volume 82 (2017)
    • An, J., & Stapleton, L. M., Pages 264-266
      Finch, W.H., Bolin, J.E., & Kelley, K. (2014). Multilevel modeling using R. Baton Rouge, FL: Chapman & Hall/CRC. Publisher's description
    • Wang, C. & Kostal, J. , Pages 267-272
      Kaplan, D. (2014). Bayesian statistics for the social sciences. Baton Rouge, FL: Chapman & Hall/CRC. Publisher's description
  • Volume 81 (2016)
    • Brenden Bishop and Minjeong Jeon, Pages 1164-1167;
      Raghunathan, T. (2015). Missing data analysis in practice. CRC Press. Publisher's description
    • Shizuhiko Nishisato, Pages: 242-245;
      Beh, E. J., & Lombardo, R. (2014). Correspondence analysis: Theory, practice and new strategies. John Wiley & Sons. Publisher's description
    • Ren Liu and Anne Corinne Huggins, Pages: 246-248;
      Wainer, H. (2011). Uneducated guesses: Using evidence to uncover misguided education policies. Princeton University Press. Publisher's description
  • Volume 80 (2015)

    • Haward Wainer, Pages: 259-261;
      Yan, D., von Davier, A. A., & Lewis, C. (Eds.). (2016). Computerized multistage testing: Theory and applications. CRC Press. Publisher's description
    • Ariel Aloe and Bernd Weiss , Pages: 562-564;
      Chen, D. G. D., & Peace, K. E. (2013). Applied meta-analysis with R. Chapman Hall/CRC. Publisher's description
    • Rafael Antonio Garcia and Lee Sechrest, Pages: 560-561;
      Todman, J. B., & Dugard, P. (2001). Single-case and small-n experimental designs: A practical guide to randomization tests. New York: Routledge Academic. Publisher's description
    • Björn Andersson and Alina A. von Davier, Pages: 856-858;
      Kolen, M. J., & Brennan, R. L. (2004). Test equating, scaling, and linking. New York: Springer. Publisher's description
    • Kees Van Montfort and Johan Oud , Pages: 259-261;
      Lee, S. Y., & Song, X. Y. (2012). Basic and advanced Bayesian structural equation modeling: With applications in the medical and behavioral sciences. John Wiley & Sons. Publisher's description
  • Volume 79 (2014)

    • Kenneth Royal, Pages: 733-735;
      Engelhard, G.(2013). Invariant measurement: Using Rasch Models in the social, behavioral, and health sciences. New York: Routledge. Publisher's description
    • Nathaniel E. Helwig and Carolyn Anderson, Pages: 175-177;
      Hox, J., & Roberts, J. K.(2011). Handbook of advanced multilevel analysis. New York: Routledge. Publisher's description
    • Bernhard Gschrey and Ali, Pages: 538-539:
      Raykov, T., & Marcoulides, G. A. (2011). Introduction to psychometric theory. New York: Routledge. Publisher's description
    • Luke Miratrix, Pages: 540-542;
      Rosenbaum, P.R. (2010). Design of observational studies. New York: Springer. Publisher's description
  • Volume 78 (2013)

    • Marie Wiberg, Pages: 185-187;
      von Davier, A. A. (2011). Statistical models for test equating, scaling, and linking. New York: Springer. Publisher's description
    • Paul Gerrard, Pages: 856-857;
      Maindonald, J., & Braun, J. (2006). Data analysis and graphics using R: an example-based approach. Cambridge University Press. Publisher's description
    • Usama S. Ali and Peter W. van Rijn, Pages: 601–603;
      van der Linden, W. J., & Glas, G.A. (Eds.) (2010). Elements of adaptive testing. New York: Springer. Publisher's description
  • Volume 77 (2012)

    • Jingyun Yang and Joseph Gyekis, Pages: 849-850;
      Cooper, H. M. (2009). Research synthesis and meta-analysis: A step-by-step approach (applied social research methods). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Publisher's description
    • Jos M. F. ten Berge, Pages: 613-614;
      Yanai, H., K. Takeuchi, & Y. Takane. (2011). Projection matrices, generalized inverse matrices, and singular value decomposition. New York: Springer. Publisher's description
    • Timothy R. Johnson, Pages: 611-612;
      Hilbe, J. M. (2011). Negative binomial regression. NY: Cambridge University Press. Publisher's description
    • Ji Hoon Ryoo, Pages: 423-424;
      Fitzmaurice, G., Davidian, M., Verbeke, G., & Molenberghs, G. (Eds.). (2008). Longitudinal data analysis: A handbook of modern statistical methods. Boca Raton, FL: Chapman Hall/CRC. Publisher's description
  • Volume 76 (2011)

    • Ali Ünlü and Thomas Kiefer, Pages: 715-716;
      Rupp, A.A., Templin, J.L., & Henson, R.A. (2010).  Diagnostic measurement: Theory, methods, and applications. NY: The Guilford Press. Publisher's description
    • Alex Karagrigoriou, Pages: 507-509;
      Claeskens, G. & Hjort,N. L. (2008). Model selection and model averaging. NY: Cambridge University Press. Publisher's description
    • Hua-Hua Chang and Chun Wang, Pages: 504-506;
      Reckase, M. D. (2009). Multidimensional item response theory (Statistics for social and behavioral sciences). New York: Springer. Publisher's description
    • Jiao Hong, Pages: 360-362;
      Fox, J. P. (2010). Bayesian item response modeling: Theory and applications. New York: Springer. Publisher's description
    • Howard Wainer, Pages: 155-157;
      Mosteller, F. (2010). The pleasures of statistics: The autobiography of frederick mosteller. S. E. Fienberg, D. C. Hoaglin, & J. M. Tanur (Eds.). New York: Springer. Publisher's description
    • Tian Siva Tian, Pages: 153-154;
      Wilcox, R. R. (2010). Fundamentals of modern statistical methods: Substantially improving power and accuracy [Hardcover]. Springer. Publisher's description
  • Volume 75 (2010)

    • Klaas Sijtsma, Pages: 780-782;
      Lissitz, R. W. (Ed) (2009). The concept of validity: Revisions, new directions and applications. Information. Publisher's description
    • Adam E. Wyse, Pages: 778-779;
      de Ayala, R. J. (2008). The theory and practice of item response theory. NY: Guilford Press. Publisher's description
    • Peter M. Steiner, Pages: 775-777;
      Guo, S. & Fraser., M. W. (2009). Propensity score analysis: Statistical methods and applications. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Publisher's description
    • Paul M. W. Hackett, Pages: 772-774;
      Everitt, B. S. (2009). Multivariable modeling and multivariate analysis for the behavioral sciences.  Boca Raton, FL: CRC. Publisher's description
    • Laura M. Schultz, Pages: 579-580;
      Sprendt, P., & Smeeton, N. C. (2007). Applied nonparametric statistical methods, 4th Edition. NY: Chapman Hall/CRC. Publisher's description
    • David Kaplan, Pages: 391;
      Carlin, B. P., & Louis, T. A. (2008). Bayesian methods for data analysis, 3rd Edition. Boca Raton, FL: Chapman Hall/CRC. Publisher's description
  • Volume 74 (2009)

    • Patricia Van Zandt, Pages: 749-753;
      Colonius, H., & Dzhafarov, E.N. (Eds) (2006). Measurement and representation of sensations. New Jersey: Erlbaum. Publisher's description
    • Jesus Palomo, Pages: 747-748;
      Lee, S-Y. (2007). Structural equation modeling: A Bayesian approach. Sussex: Wiley. Publisher's description
    • Hsiu-Ting Yu, Pages: 559-560;
      Frühwirth-Schnatter, S. (2006). Finite mixture and Markov switching models. New York: Springer. Publisher's description
    • Ying Cheng and Leslie Keng, Pages: 555-557;
      Wainer, H., Bradlow, E. T., & Wang, X. (2007). Testlet response theory and its applications. New York: Cambridge. Publisher's description
    • Dimitris Karlis, Pages: 185-186;
      Greenacre, M. (2007). Correspondence analysis in practice, 2nd Edition. New York: Chapman Hall/CRC. Publisher's description
    • Douglas Steinle, Pages: 181-183;
      Murtagh, F. (2005). Correspondence analysis and data coding with JAVA and R software. CRC Press. Publisher's description
    • Sunjin Hong, Pages: 179-180;
      Kroonenberg, P. M. (2008). Applied multiway data analysis. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Publisher's description
    • Qing Yi, Pages: 175-177;
      Dorans, N.J., Pommerich, M., & Holland, P.W. (Eds) (2007). Linking and aligning scores and scale. Springer. Publisher's description
  • Volume 73 (2008)

    • Waqas Ahmed Malik and Antony Unwin, Pages: 793-794;
      Pearson, R.K. (2005). Mining imperfect data: Deaaling with contamination and incomplete records. Philadelphia, PA: SIAM. 
    • Daniel Bolt, Pages: 791-792;
      de Gruijter, D.N.M & van der Kemp, L.J.T. (2008). Statistical test theory for the behavioral sciences. NY: Chapman Hall/CRC. Publisher's description
    • Timothy Johnson, Pages: 523;
      de Leeuw, J., & Meijer, E. (Eds) (2008). Handbook of multilevel analysis. Springer. Publisher's description
    • Clintin Davis-Stober, Pages: 341;
      Hunt, E., (2006). The mathematics of behavior. NY: Cambridge University Press. Publisher's description
    • Waqas Ahmed Malik & Antony Unwin, Pages: 165-166;
      Herzog, T.N., Scheuren, F.J., & Winkler, W.E. (2007). Data quality and record linkage techinques. Springer. Publisher's description
    • Edgar C. Merkle., Pages:163-164;
      O'Hagan, A., Buck, C.E., Daneshkhah, A., Esier, J.R., Garthwaite, P.H., Jenkinson, D.J., Oakley, J.E., & Rakow, T. (2006). Uncertain judgements: Eliciting expert's probabilities. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Publisher's description
    • William Messner, Pages: 159-161;
      Young, F.W., Valero-Mora, P. M., & Friendly, M. (2006). Visual statistics: Seeing data with dynamix interactive graphics. Hobken, NJ: Wiley. Publisher's description
  • Volume 72 (2007)

    • Michael Brusco, Pages: 655-656;
      Hubert, L., Arabie, P., & Meulman, J. (2006). The structural representation of proximity matrices with MATLAB. Philadelphia, PA: Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). Publisher's description
    • Peter Congdon, Pages: 653;
      Frees, E.W. (2004). Longitudinal and panel data: analysis and applications in the social sciences. Cambridge University Press. Publisher's description
    • Claudia Tamassia, Pages: 649-651;
      Hambleton, R. K., Merenda, P. F., & Spielberger, C. D. (2005). Adapting educational and psychological tests for cross-cultural assessment. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
    • Jorg Blasius, Pages: 647-648;
      Nishisato, S. (2007). Multidimensional nonlinear descriptive analysis. Boca Raton: Chapman Hall/CRC Press. Publisher's description
    • Theodore A. Walls and Dustin B. Wielt, Pages: 643-646;
      Bollen, K.A. & Curran, P.J. (2006). Latent growth curve models: A structural equation perspective. Wiley. Publisher's description
    • Mo Wang, Pages: 455-456;
      Bennett, W., Lance, C.E., & Woehr, D.J. (Eds) (2006). Performance measrurement. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. Publisher's description
    • Kees van Montfort, Pages: 451-454;
      Walls, T.A., & Schafer, J.L. (Eds) (2006). Models for intensive longitudinal data. NY: Oxford. Publisher's description
    • Timothy R. Johnson, Pages: 449-450;
      Hensher, D.A., Rose, J.M, & Greene, W.H. (2005). Applied choice analysis: A primer. Cambridge University Press. Publisher's description
    • Hua Hua Chang, Pages: 279-281;
      van der Linden, W.J. (2005). Linear models for optimal test design. Springer. Publisher's description
    • Fion Murtagh, Pages: 275-277;
      Greenacre, M, & Blasuis, J. (2006). Multiple correspondence analysis and related methods. Atlanta, GA: CRC Press. Publisher's description
    • Andreas Karlsson, Pages: 273-274;
      Alho, J.M. & Spencer, B.D. (2005). Statistical demography and forecasting. Springer. Publisher's description
    • Wolfgang Viechtbauer, Pages: 269-271;
      Rothstein, H.F., Sutton, A.J., & Borenstein, M. (2005). Publication bias in meta-analysis: Prevention, assessment and adjustment. Wiley. Publisher's description
    • Todd Bodner, Pages: 115-116;
      Longford, N.T. (2005). Missing data and small-area estimation. Springer. Publisher's description
    • Leland Wilkinson, Pages: 111-113;
      Playfair, W. (2005). Introduced and annotated by Howard Wainer & Ian Spence. Playfair's commerical and political atlas and statistical breviary. NY: Cambridge University Press. Publisher's description
    • Wainer, H. (2000). Visual revelations: Graphical tales of fate and deception from Napoleon Bonaparte to Ross Perot. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
    • Wainer, H. (2005). Graphic discovery: A trout in the milk and other visual adventures. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Publisher's description
    • Leslie Rutkowski, Pages: 109-110;
      Mirkin, B. (2005). Clustering for data mining: A data recovery approach. London: Chapman Hall/CRC. Publisher's description
    • Clintin Davis-Stober, Stephen Broomell, and Florian Lorenz, Pages: 107-108;
      Martinez, W. & Martinez, A. (2005). Exploratory aata analysis with MATLAB. Chapman Hall/CRC. Publisher's description
  • Volume 71 (2006)

    • Jay Verkluian, Pages: 781-783;
      Saito, T., & Yadohisa, H. (2004). Data analysis of asymmetric structures: Advanced approaches in computational statistics. CRC Press. Publisher's description
    • Ilia Tsetlin, Pages: 779-780;
      Taylor, A.D. (2005). Social choice and the mathematics of manipulation. Cambridge University Press. Publisher's description
    • Bethany Wotal, Pages: 605-606;
      de Nooy, W., Mrvar, A., & Batagelj, V. (2005). Exploratory social network analysis with Pajek. Cambridge University Press. Publisher's description
    • Howard Wainer, Pages: 603;
      Wilkinson, L. (2005). The grammar of graphics, 2nd edition. Springer. Publisher's description
    • James Wardrop, Pages: 601;
      Brennan, R.L. (2001). Generalizability theory. Springer. Publisher's description
    • Jay Verkuian, Pages: 415-418;
      De Boeck, P. & Wilson, M.R. (2005). Explanatory item response models: A generalized linear and nonlinear approach. Springer. Publisher's description
    • Skrondal, A. & Rabe-Hesketh, S. (2004). Generalized latent variable Modeling: Multilevel, longitudinal, and structural equation models. Chapman Hall/CRC. Publisher's description
    • Hans-Frieder K&oumlhn, Pages: 411-413;
      Brusco, M.J., & Stahl, S. (2005). Branch-and-bound applications in combinatorial data analysis. Springer. Publisher's description
    • Michael Kolen, Pages: 211-214;
      von Davier, A.A., Holland, P.W., & Thayer, D.T. (2004). The kernel method of test equating. Springer. Publisher's description
    • Alina von Davier, Pages: 207-209;
      Kolen, M.J, & Brennan, R.L. (2004). Test equating, scaling, and linking: Methods and practices, 2nd Edition. Springer. Publisher's description
  • Volume 70 (2005)

    • Jos ten Berge, Pages: 799-801;
      Gower, J.C. & Dijketerhuis, G.B. (2004). Procrustes problems. Oxford University Press. Publisher's description
  • Volume 69 (2004)

    • Jim Ramsay, Pages: ;
      Friedman, J., Hastie, T., & Tibshirani, R. (2001). The elements of statistical learning: Data mining, inference, and prediction. Springer, Berlin: Springer series in statistics. Publisher's description
    • Albert Maydeu-Olivares, Pages: 607;
      Wansbeek, T.J., & Meijer, E.(2001). Measurement error and latent variables in econometrics. Elsevier. Publisher's description
    • Jim Ramsay, Pages: 499;
      Hubert, L., Arabie, P., & Meulman, J. (2001). Combinatorial data analysis: Optimization by dynamic programming (Vol. 6). SIAM. Publisher's description
    • Pui-Wa Lei, Pages: 319;
      Kaplan, D. (2008). Structural equation modeling: Foundations and extensions(Vol. 10). Sage Publications. Publisher's description
  • Volume 68 (2003)

    • Anne Boomsma, Pages: 323;
      Sijtsma, K., & Molenaar, I. W. (2002). Introduction to nonparametric item response theory (Vol. 5). Sage Publications. Publisher's description
    • Daniel Bolt, Pages: 155;
      Boomsma, A., van Duijn, M., & Snijders, T. (2001). Essays on Item Response Theory. Springer Science & Business Media. Publisher's description
    • Shelley A. Blozis, Pages: 151;
      Tom, A. B., Bosker, T. A. S. R. J., & Bosker, R. J. (1999). Multilevel analysis: An introduction to basic and advanced multilevel modeling. Sage. Publisher's description
  • Volume 67 (2002)

    • Roderick P. McDonald, Pages: 321;
      Pearl, J. (2000). Causality: Models, Reasoning, and Inference. Cambridge University Press. Publisher's description
    • Michel van de Velden, Pages: 317;
      Heijmans, R. D., Pollock, D. S. G., & Satorra, A. (Eds.). (2000). Innovations in multivariate statistical analysis: A festschrift for Heinz Neudecker. Springer Science & Business Media. Publisher's description
    • Howard Wainer, Pages: 173;
      Tufte, E. R. (2001). The visual display of quantitative information, 2nd Ed. Cheshire, CT: Graphics press.
  • Volume 66 (2001)

    • Terry Ackerman, Pages: 316;
      Hambleton, R. K., & van der Linden, W. J. (1997). Handbook of modern item response theory. Springer Science & Business Media. Publisher's description
    • Jee-Seon Kim, Pages: 311;
      Little, T. D., Schnabel, K. U., & rgen Baumert, J. (2000). Modeling longitudinal and multilevel data: Practical issues, applied approaches, and specific examples. Lawrence Erlbanm Associates.
    • Howard Wainer, Pages: 307;
      Wilkinson, J. (1999). The grammar of graphics. Springer Science & Business Media. Publisher's description
    • Gideon Mellenbergh, Pages: 153;
      Embretson, S. E., & Hershberger, S. L. (1999). The new rules of measurement: What every psychologist and educator should know. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

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