IMPS 2018 Talk Presenter Information

Information for Talk Presenters

To accommodate as many talks as possible and allow participants to switch between sessions, slots for up to 5 presentations will be included in each regular session of 90 minutes (only symposia may divide the time differently).

Up to seven of these 90-minute sessions will run in parallel from Tuesday, July 10 - Friday, July 13. See this PDF document and search for your name to find out the time of your talk.

Typically in all regular sessions, each individual presentation runs for 18 minutes in total, including 15 minutes for the actual talk and 2-3 minutes for questions and changing speakers. (Note that there may be a session that only allows 15 minutes for talking, with 3 minutes for questions/changing speakers OR 12 minutes for talking, with 3 minutes for questions/changing speakers. Please double check the total session time, and the # of speakers assigned to that session to verify your talk time, and please plan accordingly.) 

Each session has a chair who will keep the time and take the questions from the audience, as well as to assist you with the technical equipment. You can find the name of your session chair in the final program.

Please arrive at the room at least 15 minutes before the session start time (not your talk time) to introduce yourself to the chair.

All session rooms are equipped with a desktop computer and LCD projector, as well as a wireless mouse, and microphone. (TIP: to avoid funny surprises with PowerPoint, speakers are advised to convert their slides to PDF files with all fonts embedded.) 

Bring your slides on a USB memory stick (also known as USB flash drive) and copy the file onto the presentation computer in time before the session starts. Please do this at least 15 minutes prior to the session start time. (Only for special reasons (such as software presentations) should speakers use their own laptops, in which case you need to test it in time before the session starts. If you are using your own computer, please let your chair know, and arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your session starting to test your equipment in the session room.) 

In case you wish to provide handouts for your presentation, you are responsible for bringing your own prints to hand out to the attendees onsite during your talk.

We hope you enjoy the conference!

The IMPS 2018 Planning Committee